You can add exotic island destinations like Bali and Fiji to your bucket list, but the reality is that some of the world’s most beautiful islands can be found right here in the U.S. – the Hawaiian Islands.

From the hustle and bustle of Oahu to the romance of Maui and off-the-beaten-path pursuits on Lanai and Molokai, the Hawaiian Islands offer enough to see, do and feel to fill a lifetime’s worth of dreams.

Discover why the six Islands of Hawai’i are home to treasures unlike any other on earth.


Home to the state’s capital and largest city, Honolulu by far the busiest and most populated island is drenched in ancient custom and culture. From iconic Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbor to the idyllic North Shore, Oahu offers an unparalleled variety of activities and experiences. Oahu is truly at the heart of Hawai’i, as timeless beauty collides with the modern world.

  • Did you know – Honolulu is the only U.S. city to be founded by royalty, and hosts the only royal residence on U.S. soil (ʻIolani Palace)


Known as the “Garden Isle”, is a true island paradise! Kauaʻi is the oldest island of the Hawai’ian Islands, where the stress of life fades away into the gentle trade winds. The island is breathtakingly characterized by its wealth of lush, rich lands, including vast tropical rainforests, jaw-dropping mountains, and stunning beaches. Dramatic cliffs and the panoramic Nā Pali Coastline have served as a backdrop for major motion pictures, including Jurassic Park. Kauai’s beauty truly knows no bounds and has kept herself charmed, mysterious and unconquered.


Renowned worldwide for its breathtaking beaches and scenery, as well as unforgettable experiences, Maui knows no bounds when it comes to gorgeous stretches of coastal paradise. Seek out hidden waterfalls while driving the serpentine Road to Hana, which stretches for 65 miles and navigates 50 narrow bridges, and watch the sunrise over the horizon at dawn from Haleakala’s 10,023-foot-summit. Known as the “Valley Isle”, Maui is one of the most sought-after destinations on the planet.

Island of Hawai’i

Also known as “The Big Island,” is the largest and most volcanically active of the island chain. Geographically unique, the Big Island boasts everything from black sand beaches to snow-covered peaks, from hardened lava deserts to steamy and lush rainforests.  Beachgoers get their fill of sunshine and sand along the Big Island’s Kona coast, while those seeking a more quiet, casual experience will adore Hilo and its breathtaking natural beauty. The must-do on Hawai’i Island is a visit to the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.


Lanai is Hawai’i’s smallest inhabited island at only 18 miles long and 13 miles wide. Most of the time, the only things you’ll hear on the island is the blowing wind and the soft waves. If you want to experience Hawai’i for its raw natural beauty and laid-back island culture, then there is no better place for you to go to than the island of Lanai. In a place with no stoplights, no traffic jams, world-class resorts, and some of the world’s most unique sights, Lanai is like a paradise within a paradise. A stay on Lanai feels like vacationing on your own private island.


An island where no building is taller than a palm tree. Life here is slow and relaxed. It’s rural and peaceful. A high percentage of the island’s residents are Native Hawaiian and maintain a strong connection to Hawaiian culture. Molokaʻi boasts the longest fringing coral reef and the longest white sand beach in the state, and the tallest sea cliffs in the world – 3,000 feet above sea level. The island is also home to Kalaupapa National Historical Park and Halawa Valley. Molokaʻi is a Hawai’ian experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Hawai’i has long caught the imagination of many travelers and for many, it’s the ultimate bucket-list destination. What you will appreciate most about Hawai’i is not the picturesque landscape, but rather that each island seems to have its own individual identity, yet still personifies a unified aloha spirit. kolla in snabba lån utan UC

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