Haifa, Israel – A Truly Unique Destination

Israel is one of the most iconic places on earth. Archaeological treasures, ancient history and traditions, biblical stories and multiple faiths are surrounded by modern cities, new boutique and five-star hotels, festivals, concerts and events, and a food scene to rival many. Whether it’s a religious pilgrimage or discovering a modern and exciting city, Israel delivers.

Haifa Port is the gateway to Israel. Nestled in a natural protected bay, the backdrop for the port is the majestic Baha’i Gardens, one of three UNESCO World Heritage sites in Haifa. Located in the north of Israel, Haifa is close to Acre and Nazareth. Acre (Akko) is an old port city known for its well-preserved ancient city walls. Nazareth, like most of Israel, needs no introduction. Brimming with fascinating sites, Nazareth is home to the Basilica of the Annunciation, where it is believed the archangel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would bear a child. St. Joseph’s Church is described as the site of Joseph’s carpentry workshop, and the underground Synagogue Church is said to be the place where Jesus studied and prayed. Nazareth Village is an open-air museum that reconstructs daily life in Jesus’ era.

East of Nazareth is the Sea of Galilee, which is actually an expansive lake. The Sea of Galilee is surrounded by Capernaum, Migdal and Tiberius, and each is filled with history and significance for the historian and religious pilgrim gustave a. larson.. The Jordan River spills into the Sea of Galilee, and religious pilgrims from all over the world visit the baptismal site along the Jordan River, Yardenit. A visit to a local kibbutz for lunch features St. Peter’s fish, sourced from the Sea of Galilee.

Traveling south visitors will find the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, on Israel’s Mediterranean coast. Tel Aviv is a modern city filled with cafés, bars, restaurants, boutique hotels, museums, shopping malls and a lively nightlife. The old port city of Jaffa is in southern Tel Aviv and has its own unique vibe. A walking tour of Jaffa gives visitors the chance to explore the art galleries of many talented local artists and see some of them at work. Jaffa is also known for the Jaffa orange, a sweet fruit with tough skin which makes it ideal for export.

Southeast of Tel Aviv is the holy city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem by day and Jerusalem by night are completely different experiences. By day visitors can walk the Via Dolorosa, tour Yad Vashem, Israel’s memorial to holocaust victims, and appreciate the beauty and solemnity of the Garden of Gethsemane Old Jerusalem is also home to the Temple Mount, a place of enormous significance to Jews, Muslims and Christians. During a night tour of Jerusalem the sound and light show at the Tower of David should not be missed. Ending the evening with a visit to the Western Wall will bring the entire experience full circle.

Haifa Port is Israel’s gateway to countless fascinating and beautiful places. The welcoming spirit of its people and the significance of its history will leave indelible memories. A visit to Israel will stay with you long after you’ve left the country.

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