Le Lavandou, France

When one thinks of France, one’s mind often drifts to the bustling streets of Paris or the stunning waters of the Côte d’Azur. But France is full of hidden gems and Le Lavandou is no exception.

The commune in the department of Var has 12 kilometers of coast to match its 12 beaches that each host their own unique color of sand. This is just the beginning of all the beautiful Le Lavandou has to offer as it is well-known as the city of dolphins and whales, owing the name to sightings of the animals and its past as a fishing village. It sits in the heart of the Mediterranean coastal region, allowing for it to be a paradise for those who enjoy spending most of their time out on the water. But the water is not the only thing that offers beauty to the area.

Le Lavandou receives its name from the large surrounding lavender fields that adorn the outskirts of the town and offer a gateway into learning about the flower for which the Provence region is so well known. It’s also the entrance to the island of Porquerolles that is part of a National Park. Nature lovers will enjoy cycling and hiking on the trails and art lovers will adore spending time in the Carmignac Foundation exhibition that includes modern art and a large outdoor sculpture park. And for those interested in the culinary culture of the region, Le Lavandou offers a unique vineyard that is surrounded by forest and nestled by the sea.

It is easy for one to get lost amongst the beauty of the city and the sights that made Le Lavandou the home of the Neo-Impressionist art movement. They can follow along the footsteps of the artists along the “path of the painters” and learn about what enchanted them to the postcard like landscapes of the city. At the end of the day, one can relax amongst the village and learn from the kind local inhabitants what makes Le Lavandou an amazing place to live and visit.

Whether you are a nature lover or art fan or someone who wishes to spend their day lounging on a beautiful beach, Le Lavandou is a can’t miss place to explore.

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