La Ciotat, France

Nestled directly in between Marseille and Toulon lies La Ciotat, a small city that was the backdrop of the world’s first motion picture. Bordered by a beautiful sand beach and stunning hillsides, this tiny city is a can’t miss sight along the Côte d’Azur.

Just a few steps from the port sits the Parc du Mugel, which is a gorgeous green landscape that hosts one of the beaches in La Ciotat. This small pebbled beach gives way to a stunning Calanque that allows visitors to swim in its crystal blue waters. For more seclusion and relaxing, however, one can spend time at Les Calanques des Figuerolles. These calanques are just as stunning as those in Mugel but are more secluded and are accessible by boat. Both of these calanques make up part of the Calanques National Park that envelopes La Ciotat. This beautiful National Park enchants visitors to the area with its luscious green landscapes and crystal blue waters.

For more off the beaten path adventure, one can take a short boat ride to the small uninhabited island of Île Verte (or Green Island). Île Verte features several swimming sites and beaches, including one sandy beach. Though the island is small and uninhabited, there is also one restaurant. Boats run in between La Ciotat and Île Verte each day, allowing for a chance to look out at the gorgeous seaside landscapes that La Ciotat has to offer.

With so many amazing sites and an enchanting small town, one can see why the Lumiere brothers wished to make so many of their first films in its streets. Discover a world of wonder in La Ciotat.

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