Bastia, Corsica

Located on the northeast of the island of Corsica, Bastia serves as the island’s principal port. Known for its agriculture, specifically flowers and wine, it has been awarded three flowers by the National Council of Towns and Villages in Bloom. The dry summer season promotes the growth of wild olives, white asparagus, Mastics, Tree Spurges, and more. Throughout the year you can also find holm oak, broom, lavender, cistus, and other spectacular vegetation.

Exploring the city should start with Terra Vecchia, or “the old town.” It sits around the central part of the harbor and uses a network of alleys to connect to the rest of the city. From there you’ll find the old theater, courthouse, city hall, and the historic Church of San Giovanni Battista. Cruise visitors can branch out and visit the Saint Florent resort of Cap Norse where they’ll find beautiful vineyards and wildflowers.

Le Petit Train is an amazing way to explore the city of Bastia. This small train will take visitors on a 50-minute tour of the city where they can catch glimpses of several major sights. For those interested in a more relaxed day, tours go out to the vineyards for samplings and insights on some of the best wines in Corsica.

Beaches are at the entrance to the town, both pebble and sandy. To the south is Plage de la Marana, aka Marana beach, which is adjacent to Biguglia Pond Natural Reserve, a sprawling, waterfront park featuring scenic views, nature trails, wildlife and a small museum. There are several beaches making it easy to plan a perfect day of relaxation on the Mediterranean Sea.

Bastia can be used as a gateway to explore all the stunning beauty and diversity that Corsica has to offer.

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