Progreso is a coastal city in Mexico on the northwest coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Since its founding in 1811 it has been an established fishing village, its growth bolstered after becoming a favored destination of itinerary planners.

The biggest draw to Progreso is the significant Mayan history with many Mayan settlements in the area dating back to the 1st century CE. The Xcambó Archaeological Site hosts most of these ruins and pre-Columbian ruins dot the coastal road. Additionally, the Pyramid of the Crosses and the Pyramid of Masks are both major features of the site.

For more history we recommend Chicxulub and Dzibilchaltún. Chicxulub is the site that many scientists believe is the impact point of the meteorite that landed 65 million years ago and eradicated dinosaurs. Dzibilchaltún is a Mayan ruin that is home to the Temple of the Seven Dolls. There are several tours to choose from and a small museum.  For a unique swimming experience there is the cenote sinkhole, formed when the limestone bedrock collapsed.  With no vendors on the grounds, it’s a peaceful place.

A journey through Progreso should include a trip to Uaymitún where there is a small flamingo colony.  If water activities are more your speed, Progreso has a lot to offer.  Dive a shipwreck, sit on the beach or take a sailboat to Scorpion Reef (Arrecife Alacranes) nature reserve to dive or snorkel the tiny coral islands.  In the winter, Laguna Rosada plays host to a pod of dolphins.

Progreso is a not-so-hidden gem of Mexican history and culture that offers something for the explorer in everyone.

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