Puerto Limon

Ideally located on the Caribbean Coast, Puerto Limon is considered to be one of the most lush and pristine regions of Costa Rica. This city has a port that is the cultural hub for the capital and provides a culturally rich experience with less of a tourism feel that one might find in other parts of the country. The port itself handles hundreds of cruise ships every year and is brilliantly designed to maximize the cruise goers experience in port. The facility itself was refurbished in 2019 and now hosts a lookout point and courtyard as well as a craft market. Puerto Limon has become a major cruise hub for both Caribbean cruises and those traveling through the Panama Canal.

Right outside of the port lies the main city of Limon. This vibrant capital has so much to discover. One of the main attractions is Tortuguero National Park in the northern half of the province. It is well known as a place where sea turtles nest along the beach.  During certain times of the year you might even see them lay eggs. Unlike the typical national park that serves hikers, Tortuguero is best explored via its water channels by boat, kayak or canoe. It’s the best way to explore the wildlife and nature that makes this park special. For a more relaxing day in the Costa Rican sun, visitors have 125 miles of white-sand shoreline to choose from.

Anyone who wants to discover the city won’t want to miss Parque Vargas. This park is on the east side of town and has a stunning lookout over the Caribbean Sea. Visible from this location are several examples of the unique architecture that Puerto Limon is known for. A guided tour around the historical center is a great way to explore the city.  There are museums, traditional houses, monuments, and the opportunity to taste some of the local foods. End your day in the city with a trip to the Central Market of Puerto Limon, a large market filled with fresh fruits, vegetables and local goods available for purchase during the day.

The best time of year to visit Puerto Limon is during Limon Carnival. This event typically takes place in October and spans an entire week. Bursting with vibrant colors, delectable foods, and musical entertainment, Limon Carnival is the best way for visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture. Typical cultural dishes include rice and beans and a unique take on gallo pinto that includes coconut and Caribbean spices. The entertainment, especially during the first few days, features singing, dancing, and calypso.

In the end, whether your itinerary includes a trip to the city in the summer or a chance to experience Limon Carnival in the fall, this port has an incomparable and unique charm.  With its modernized facilities and deep harbor, itinerary planners can feel excited and confident when adding Puerto Limon to their destination lineup.

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