Having seen a resurgence in their tourism industry since they began welcoming cruise ships in 2006, Rockland is growing into a wonderful destination for those interested in the arts and outdoors. This beautiful coast sits on the Penobscot Bay, dotted by colorful storefronts and picturesque mountains. With nearly 40 calls per year, there is something for every cruise guest to discover.

The growing art scene in Rockland is a major part of the city’s cultural scene. A walk into town reveals an increasing list of storefronts with colorful and artistic exteriors. The Farnsworth Art Museum appeals to those in search of unique pieces. This museum has a collection of 15,000 American artworks dating back to the 18th century, with a special focus on artists from Maine and an array of traveling exhibitions. The museum itself is in the historical Farnsworth Homestead and is on the National List of Historic Places.

Rockland has other museums that might be more your speed. The Owl’s Head Transportation Museum has a collection of more than 100 different pioneer-era aircraft and automobiles. Visitors can discover the amazing history behind all the different forms of transportation while roaming among the vehicles and planes. Rockland is also home to the Maine Lighthouse Museum, offering the largest collection of Lighthouse Artifacts in the country. You can continue the lighthouse tour by walking the breakwater to the impressive Breakwater Lighthouse.

Art and museums are not the only draws to Rockland. The culinary arts are a significant draw. The yearly Maine Lobster Festival will always draw the faithful and along the waterfront, a number of restaurants serve “sea-to-table” fresh seafood that you won’t soon forget. Breweries and chocolate factories in the region offer tastings and tours.

If your vibe is the musical arts, the Downtown Rockland live music scene cannot be missed. Visitors can expect to find a band playing every day. There’s also the musical showcase known as the North Atlantic Blues Festival.

Rockland is known for having one of the finest recreational and boating marinas and has much to explore. Be adventurous and travel to the islands of North Haven and Vinalhaven via ferry. Word is that nearby Camden is famous for celebrity sightings.

Cruise passengers in Rockland will be tendered ashore to explore this quintessentially charming Maine town.  Whether spending the day submerged in the art scene of Rockland or branching out to the surrounding islands, Rockland is a favorite for Canada/New England itineraries.

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