New to the cruise industry – despite its history as a major port for the Norwegian Coastal Steamer – Bodo is growing into a distinctive destination for cruise ships visiting Northern Norway. The port is just north of the Arctic Circle giving visitors the chance to experience the midnight sun in the summer.  For winter cruises, during winter there is a month where the sun is not visible at all. The port is walking distance from the town center making it easy for independents and those on organized tours.

Outdoor enthusiasts and bucket list devotees will find no shortage of options.  Breathtaking natural surroundings near the Arctic Circle are a major draw to the area.  For the outdoor adventurer, a boat tour to the Saltstraumen could be on the agenda, giving visitors the chance to see the world’s strongest tidal current and the whirlpools it creates. Bodo is also home to northern Scandinavia’s largest glacier, Svartisen. A guided hiking tour is offered where visitors can spend time in underground caves, surrounded by waterfalls and the natural beauty of Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park. There is even a café with a unique viewpoint to see the glacier. If you’re looking to explore a bit of the Arctic Circle there are excursions that travel south across the Saltfjellet mountains where you can experience an Arctic Circle ceremony and visit the Sami people who live in the area.

With its many fascinating museums, history buffs will love Bodo. The Norwegian Aviation museum tracks the story of aviation history across the entire country. Among the exhibits is 10,000-square meters of aircraft from both civilian and military life. Climb into the control tower for a view of the museum and city. The Norwegian Aviation Museum is one of the largest and most modern museums in Scandinavia. The Jekt Trade Museum is Bodo’s newest attraction. A historical jekt, or cargo vessel, is the main exhibition in this museum that covers the history of trade, specifically cod, in the area and how it formed the society in Bodo. The museum is also interactive, allowing visitors to engage in activities such as attempting to hoist the sail and learning how to tie nautical knots. Finally, one of Norland’s most beautiful historical sites is located just off the coast of Bodo. Kjerringoy Island is one of the most important cultural heritage monuments from the 19th century in the area. The Nordland museum runs and maintains tours through 15 major preserved authentic buildings from the island’s days as a merchant hub. Interactive tours run daily.

A walk around Bodo’s lively city center offers shopping, sampling of local fresh seafood, and strolling along the colorful seaside promenade. With so much to offer, Bodo has grown into a popular destination as it continues its quest to become a major cruise port in the Arctic Circle.

Image Credit: Lonely Planet

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