Port Suez

Egypt’s Red Sea Coast is home to Port Suez, which has solidified itself as an important strategic port. Today, it connects the Red Sea and the Nile, is an ideal stop for cruises headed to and from Asia and is extremely popular as a starting point for discovering Egypt. With original canals from 500 BC to the new builds in 640 AD, 1869, and 1956, Port Suez is a testament to engineering and history. Port Suez combines Port Ibrahim and Port Tewfik,  accommodating thousands of ships traveling through the Suez Canal each year. In 2014, a new development project was begun to help increase ship trade and develop the large cities around the port. Now, thanks to this development, tourism and trade are once again thriving in the area.

The history of Port Suez can be explored in the National Museum. The three floors of this museum cover the entire 7,000-year history of the area. Older monuments, such as the head of Queen Hatshepsut, tell the history of local mining and the building of the Suez Canal. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about the history that fills Egypt and specifically, the Suez area, and is a great way to discover and explore what makes this area so amazing.

Thanks to the development project, the areas surrounding Port Suez are fascinating to visit. In Port Tawfiq, visitors will find local cuisine and shopping surrounded by colonial architecture. Wandering thru the city and taking it in all leaves many in awe. Both modern and historical Egyptian lifestyles can be experienced and appreciated.

With an ancient history and a modern dock, Port Suez is the perfect gateway for cruises to experience Egypt and the Nile. After 7,000 years, this port still stands tried and true as one of the most fascinating ports to visit.

Image Credit: Sylvia Tours Egypt

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