Aalborg is the fourth largest city in Denmark and is fortunate to have the most hours of sunshine per year. The harbor is in the heart of the city, allowing for visitors to branch out and discover the architecture, nature, and other attractions that make Aalborg an excellent destination for any cruise line. With its university, history, nature and culture, the city is an effortless blend of old and new, making for a memorable call in Denmark.

The waterfront of Aalborg has undergone a recent renovation that transformed it from an industrial area to a tourism hotspot. At the waterfront, visitors can find a unique look into the city’s cozy yet cosmopolitan atmosphere through beautiful architecture, exciting food experiences, and several chances to shop. All attractions from the waterfront and beyond are within walking distance, making it easy to plan a full day in Aalborg, and there are several tours to help visitors discover as much as possible during an outing in Aalborg. The first of these tours is a popular walking tour that lends itself to discovering the city. As a guide leads guests through the bright colored buildings and cozy streets, visitors will be able to experience Jen Bang’s House – showing off Renaissance architecture, two historical churches (Budolfi Cathedral and the Monastery of the Holy Ghost), and the historic Aalborghus Castle. An extended tour known as Aalborg City Highlights will take cover these spots as well as the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art and the Lindholm Hoeje, an ancient Viking graveyard. There are also bike and coach tours available. While the bike tours stay in the city, the coach tours will allow guests to head out of the city to see the countryside, historical buildings and castles.

For those searching for a little more fun, Aalborg is well known for the Aalborg Karnival, the largest carnival in Northern Europe. This once per year festival features modern and historical performances, music, food and vendors, allowing a unique look into the culture of Denmark and Aalborg. Don’t forget to make a stop at the Aalborg Akvavit Distillery.

As your ship docks in the award-winning waterfront after a short scenic cruise around the fjord, cruise guests will be in awe of the city and excited for their chance to visit. Tours take off from the harbor which includes over 300 specialty shops in its welcoming atmosphere, allowing any cruise guest to get a great feel for Aalborg during their day in port.

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