In 2018, Palermo, Italy was named the Italian Capital of Culture and the city has certainly earned the title. The lifestyle of Palermo has reached a new vibrancy, becoming one of the best destinations to visit in Italy. Cruising to the city will give visitors the chance to explore the city in new ways.

One of the best ways to discover Palermo is by spending time on the Foro Italico, a beautiful stretch of walking trails that follow the seaside and branch off into the city. The walkway is designed to give locals and visitors a tranquil seafront experience and is the best way to take in the sights of Palermo. From the Foro Italico, visitors can spend time in the famous piazza of Quattro Canti. This piazza is a testament to the varied history of the city. Further down, the 9th century Norman palace, Palazzo Dei Normani, stands as a historical landmark of the Norman occupation. This must-see historic site features the palace, its paintings and sculptures, and the opportunity to roam the palace gardens.

For those hoping to relax on the picturesque Adriatic waters, Mondello Beach is the place to be. Just 30 minutes outside of the city, this sandy beach is the perfect spot to spend a relaxing day on the Adriatic Sea.

Finally, Palermo’s most notable attraction is the Capuchin Catacombs. These fascinating catacombs display some of the world’s finest examples of human preservation. Hundreds of mummies of former Capuchin monks are on display, still in their robes, sitting in prayer. Guided tours take visitors deep into the catacombs for an in-depth look at this cultural phenomenon.

With a mix of fascinating and historical sites, beautiful views, delicious food, and relaxing beaches, it’s easy to see why Palermo was named the Italian Capital of Culture. The mix of must-see sights, ancient cultural attractions and the option to spend a lazy day on at the Adriatic Sea will make Palermo a hit on any Mediterranean itinerary.

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