The roots of the Port of Hull date all the way back to the Middle Ages and its strong maritime culture stands to this day. Two of the largest passenger ferries in the world are regulars at this port and its position makes it an ideal homeport for cruises to Europe and the Baltic. Located in East Yorkshire with fully enclosed docks and a port less than 30 kilometers from the Humber Estuary, Hull is an excellent port for domestic European cruising.

Hull is home to some amazing places, and one stands out from the rest, The Deep. This gorgeous aquarium is the world’s only submarium and is home to over 3,500 fish and a family of penguins. The spectacular building allows visitors to get up close and personal with marine life by taking them underground and underwater. More Hull science and history can be found in the Historic Hull Old Town. The Museums Quarter inside has a multitude of exhibitions to explore including a chance to encounter sea monsters and a life-sized woolly mammoth. With the submarium and the entire museum district, exploring the museum scene is an amazing way to experience the port of Hull.

Heading out of Hull there is a multitude of exciting things to do. In the countryside, a variety of grand historic houses are open for the public to explore. Nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of the English countryside, this offers a spectacular day of both indoor and outdoor exploring. Nearby, the town of York will tell live history tales of the medieval and Viking heritage of the land. The iconic York Minster is among a grouping of attractions that include live history reenactments sure to inspire awe and delight. For a more relaxed day, the market town of Beverly offers shopping along the cobbled streets of the charming small town. There is something for everyone.

Once named the UK City of Culture, promoting arts and culture as a means of celebration and regeneration, Hull has become a popular destination for historical discovery and a chance to explore modern life. The regenerated waterfront is full of artists, cafes, and bars, making for a rich day in the town of Hull.

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