Alanya, Turkey is one of the best resort towns on the Turkish Riviera. Its coastal location offers sandy beaches shaded by forest-filled mountains, making for an amazing landscape. The city of Alanya is working to improve facilities for visitors, specifically those with disabilities, to make the Alanya cruise and yacht port even more inviting.

The highlights of Alanya can be found in the historic archaeological sites scattered throughout the city. Several of these sites have been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List and are easily accessible from the port for visitors who wish to venture outside the shopping and swimming options offered ashore. The symbol of Alanya is one of the best of these sites, the Alanya Castle. The castle overlooks a peninsula in the middle of the city, part of a stunning fortress that remains from the 13 th century. While the castle is amazing from afar, we recommend getting up close.

Further away from port, a grouping of stunning ruins waits to enchant visitors with the history of Turkey. First, Side Ancient City, between Antalya and Alanya, is a beautifully preserved ancient city that includes structures such as the water arches, state institutions, amphitheater, the baths, schools, and hospitals. Side is the first metropolis in history and merges its ancient and modern infrastructures to create something special. Nearby Aspendos offers a chance to see one of the most well-preserved buildings from Roman times, the amphitheater. History buffs will feel as if they’ve stepped back in time. In Antalya, the ancient city of Perge is nestled in the main city and is still an active dig site, allowing visitors to have a unique look into the ongoing excavations and restorations within the ancient city.

Finally, a natural site rounds out the beauty and wonder of Alanya. The Damlatas Cave was originally discovered accidentally while workers gathered stone for Alanya harbor in 1948. As one of the first caves in Turkey to be open for tourism, this stunning natural beauty is a sight! Within the airy cave, visitors will find stalactites and stalagmites that formed over 15,000 years. Guided tours through the cave add enchantment and discovery to an already fascinating experience.

With continued improvements and a wide array of historical sites, it’s easy to see why Alanya is a popular spot for cruises in Turkey. From strolling on the beach to hiking in the caves, visitors will love Alanya.

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