Mumbai is one of India’s most cosmopolitan cities. It effortlessly blends the cultures that create the melting pot that is India. It’s a place where fishermen and Bollywood producers brush shoulders as they head through the streets, and fashionistas walk alongside artists. Mumbai is an enchanting way to discover India and the beauty of humanity.

If you want to experience high society of Mumbai for a day, head over to the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Open since 1924, this landmark is linked to decades of Mumbai history. Guided tours are available and there is a restaurant offering refreshing drinks and a five-star dinner experience. A tour through the bright sets of Bollywood will only add to the luxury experience. Whether taking in one of these lively and colorful films or walking through a set, the bright lights of this unique filmmaking experience will remain a fond memory.

With Mumbai’s storied history, its no wonder that a set of monuments add to the ambience of this city. First up, the Prince of Wales Museum, one of the most enduring heritage sites of the city. The collection of art, artifacts, and textiles that are housed in this iconic building are thousands of years old. After the museum, history buffs will want to head to the must-see visitor site in Mumbai, the Gateway of India. This monument was built to commemorate British royalty visiting the city in the early 20th century. The impressive archway is a symbol of a city that is often the subject of admiring artists and photographers. As one of the most beautiful sites in the city, visitors will enjoy the chance to explore this monument. Straight from the Gateway of India, cruise guests can take a ferry to the Elephanta Caves. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers tours through these cave temples carved in honor of Hindu deities.

In addition to being a bustling metropolis the Mumbai port allows passengers to step off the ship and right into the heart of the city. A gem of India’s tourism, Mumbai is an amazing destination to add to any itinerary.

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