Founded originally on Christmas Day in 1599, the capital of Rio Grande do Norte has a spirit of adventure running through its streets. Natal is a base for exploring Rio Grande do Norte and offers many opportunities for exploring the region. Whether your passengers are looking for rugged adventure riding over the sand dunes or a more relaxing day exploring the Forte Reis Magos, Natal will welcome them to an exciting day in port.

History runs deep in Natal and the ability to explore it is everywhere. We start with the most important historical structure in Natal, Fortaleza Dos Reis Magos, on the edge of the water. Originally built in 1598, this old fort offers a unique look into the long history of the area. Of course, the heart of the city’s history lies in the Ribeira district. This historical district is known as the birthplace of the city and still has architectural gems dating back to the city’s founding. Ribeira is a world-renowned National Heritage Site and is filled with beautiful architecture, shops, restaurants, and fascinating cultural sites.

For a more relaxing day, visitors can spend time at Pirangi Beach. With white sands and sparkling waters, the beach is impressive, and it’s home to the world’s largest cashew tree. At 1,640-feet around, this cashew tree is now in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Any day in Natal should start with a visit to the Centro de Tourismo de Natal. This converted 19th-century penitentiary now hosts Natal’s largest marketplace. The halls are specifically designed for tours and filled with shops selling regional goods as well as a restaurant offering tempting local fare. As visitors step ashore, the Centro de Tourismo de Natal will welcome them.

Enchanting attractions, a laid-back vibe, and agreeable weather all mesh together perfectly to make the city of Natal a memorable experience, a place where you can walk in the 16th century on one street and enjoy the modern era on the next. Visitors will always remember this Christmas port on the edge of Brazil.

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