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"Port vetting is like a scavenger hunt! Zielia is something we absolutely need.” Marine Operations

“Zielia is the kind of site that I open first thing in the morning and will keep it open all day.” Destination Planner

“Zielia is great! A one stop-shop for Port Information and it’s user-friendly. I’m in!” Itinerary Planner


With Zielia it’s all about the destination

What is Zielia?
Effective and efficient, Zielia is a standardized platform built by cruise industry professionals for itinerary planners. In a single website, Zielia features an overview of ports worldwide based on the 5 pillars of cruise planning: itinerary planning, marine and port operations, top attractions, marketing and a calendar of events.

Who is Zielia?
Based in Miami, the cruise capital of the world, Zielia is a team of cruise industry gurus with extensive experience on and off ships. Our team recognized the dire need to standardize the information for port and itinerary planning. And thus, Zielia was born.

What does Zielia mean?
Our team took some creative license to find the perfect word to describe our business. We started with Ziel, the German word for destination, or goal. By adding the Greek “ia” ending, the word became plural
Redtubecom Porn Gratuit Redtube porno Videos – Madame Jane. Zielia, then, stands for “many destinations”. is a site dedicated to showcasing the multitude and diversity of destinations around the world.

Why Zielia?
Zielia is a simple and easy tool! It’s built for the cruise industry and bridges the communication gap between cruise lines and ports. Here are the benefits:

Cruise line employees = Destination Explorers

  • Find and explore destinations ready for cruise calls at any time from any place
  • Reduces the need for communications and allows you to connect directly with destinations
  • Specific details are included for each port in a standardized format
  • Access all the port and destination details in one convenient, safe and sustainable environment
  • Information is up to date and accurate because the ports and destinations control the information

Ports & Destinations = Destination Managers

  • Gives cruise planners easy access to port and destination details any time and any place
  • Sustainable initiative which saves time and money by reducing the need to print collateral materials
  • Give cruise lines access to all your port and destination details in one convenient, safe and sustainable environment
  • The dashboard gives insight into which cruise lines are “shopping” your destination

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Destination Explorer

  • Destination Explorers are Cruise Line Personnel
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Destination Managers

  • Destination Managers are Ports and Destinations
  • Premium accounts are paid accounts which communicates your destination information with cruise line personnel
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