Sitting on the historic Bay of Fundy and offering visitors a first-hand look at Acadian culture, Yarmouth is an enchanting port in Nova Scotia. Visitors will be tendered ashore and have the chance to see the town and hillsides before reaching land. This historic seaport is packed with opportunities to spend the day exploring its history and culture. Any North American cruise would be enhanced with a stop at this beautiful port of call.

The natural beauty of Yarmouth surrounds you. Let’s start at the Cape Forchu Lighthouse, known as a Light Like No Other. This lighthouse has been a beacon for visitors since 1604 and sits on a forked cape, making it one of the best public spaces in Canada and the second most photographed lighthouse in Nova Scotia. Visitors can climb to the top of the unique apple core-shaped lighthouse to learn about its history, spend time in the former lighthouse keeper’s dwelling, and enjoying local bites at the Keeper’s Kitchen. Nearby, Leif Erikson Park and Trail includes hiking, breathtaking views, and a chance to view the sunsets and stars. Fun fact: the night skies of Yarmouth are the first-ever North American UNESCO certified Starlight Tourist Destination. The International Starlight Foundation offers daily stargazing experiences in a wide variety of formats.

Yarmouth Harbour Kayak Tour offers water-themed adventures thanks to tours guided by a designated host.  Tours include kayaking along the historic waterfront of the Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park, and they always deliver the ‘WOW’ factor.

Acadian and Canadian history make Yarmouth an appealing destination for lovers of culture and history. Acadian life can be explored in an immersive experience at Le Village Historique Acadien de la Nouvelle-Ecosse. This large 17-acre site is a working village with local foods and crafts and is the recipient of the 2020 TripAdvisor® Traveller’s Choice Award.  The Historic District Sea Captains’ Homes and Mercantile Heritage Walk are tailored for those who prefer wandering solo, however, there are guided tours available.  The new Heritage in Your Hand app allows visitors to self-guide their way through the historic homes while still receiving great background stories. To explore the fishing that originally made Yarmouth so popular, visitors can spend their day on the Tusket Islands and surrounding waters. Fishing boats are the mode of transportation and once on the island, visitors will have the chance to learn about a history that ranges from fishing to spies. This award-winning tour ends with a chance to try the local traditional seafood chowder and hear live entertainment on the trip back.

The Music of the Bay is a large walk-through area with several venues on the port giving visitors the chance to stop and enjoy different types of local music. If local cuisine is your thing then make sure to try the local seafood the region is known for.  There are also a number of excellent food tours available.

Whether you’re immersing yourself in the culture, exploring history, or enjoying local cuisine, Yarmouth is a destination that always delivers.

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