Tallinn is the highlight of any trip to Estonia. The capital is Northern Europe’s oldest capital city, and its Old Town has earned a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Tallinn leads the region in well-preserved history, specifically architecture from the Medieval era. As guests wander down its cobblestone streets, they will be charmed by buildings from the 11th to 15th centuries that are still nearly entirely preserved.

The most famous architectural marvel in Tallinn is the Town Hall and the adjoining square. The Town Hall boasts late Gothic architecture and is a present-day town hall, almost entirely preserved in its original glory. The Square features the unique historic distinction of being the place from which the tradition of public Christmas trees first began. Nearby is the Town Hall Pharmacy, the oldest running pharmacy in Europe with historic documents which date it to 1422. The pharmacy still runs today.

Two restored palaces help visitors enjoy the grandeur of the bygone era of royalty in Tallinn. The Maarjamae Castle was a popular summer destination for the Estonian elite. It is nearly entirely restored and now houses an exhibition on the history of Estonia. Grander still is the Kadriorg Palace and Park, built by Peter the Great to honor his wife, Catherine. In the summer, the palace offers a chance to spend time in the upper flower garden which has been reconstructed to match the 18th century style in which it was first created.

For in search of a slower-paced but still exciting look into the history of Tallinn, the Seaplane Harbor is the best place to be. This harbor houses one of the grandest maritime museums in Europe and includes an authentic 1930s submarine and a century-old icebreaker among its vast collection.

The bustling capital city of Tallinn offers so much to cruise passengers. This beautiful port offers a unique chance to spend the day immersed in the dense history that makes Estonia so amazing. As the port moves into 2021 with a new cruise terminal, hundreds of ships will certainly be flocking to call at Tallinn.

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