Adelaide is a beautiful Australian metropolis that is constantly growing. The city is surrounded by the beautiful Adelaide Park Lands, offering a wide array of outdoor activities. Sitting between the ocean and a beautiful countryside, there is so much to discover and explore in Adelaide. Cruise guests will be able to enjoy biking through elm trees, exploring the native Australian flora, and experiencing local and aboriginal cultures throughout the port.

As the largest inner urban park system in Australia, the Adelaide Park Lands are the highlight of any stop in Adelaide. They are listed as national heritage sites and known for the unique design that wraps the city in the park, making it the world’s only “city in a park.”  The park is the heart and meeting place of the city. The lands are over 760-hectares and provide options for recreation and fun. Visitors can rent bikes or simply take a relaxing stroll surrounded by nature.

For wine lovers, take the opportunity to tour Australia’s most famous wine region, the Barossa Valley. This patchwork of vineyards that flows through historical villages is an excellent way to learn about Adelaide history while sampling delicious wines.

For history, the South Australian Museum is the best stop in Adelaide. The museum has been around for 150 years and has been completely committed to making the historical culture of Adelaide accessible and fun. It is one of the most visited museums in Australia and has a variety of collections to explore. Community engagement is what makes this museum a masterpiece. Visitors will find events and interactive opportunities connecting them to the history of Australia, the Aboriginal people, and scientific research of the land.

In the city of Adelaide, local cuisine and shopping are some of the best ways to experience the vibrance of the culture. The Adelaide Central Market is amazing and is one of the best food markets in the world.  Stops at Rosemont Hall for Lunch, Mr. Chan and Sunny’s Shop, and Press Food and Wine are all sure to deliver a great example of local delicacies.

Shopping also offers a group of unique opportunities. At Relove, South Australian designers offer a chance to purchase local goods directly from those that create. At Rundle Street, the shopping cannot be beat. This is the Rundle Mall’s little sibling, offering a variety of interesting and unique items.  If you’re on the hunt for more local goods stop at the Central Market where you’ll find beautiful clothing by Amanda McCarthy at the Leonard St. boutique.

Adelaide is a buzzing center of creativity, history, and culinary discovery in the heart of South Australia. With the Botanical gardens home to over 5,000 roses and Carriageway Park with rows of Elm Trees, a downtown filled with the culture of the city, and the Adelaide Hills where visitors will find picturesque villages and rich countryside, this destination is becoming a popular option for Australian cruises. The Port of Adelaide will deliver a great experience to every visitor lucky enough to step ashore.

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