Port Blair

The exotic and cultural appeal of the Andaman Islands is brought to life in Port Blair, India. Known for its stunning beaches and historical sites, this capital city offers so much to see and do. With three National Parks, a variety of museums, and a grouping of nature sanctuaries, the Andaman Islands are a wonder to behold, and Port Blair is the ultimate entryway.

With one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia, water activities top the list in Port Blair. Guided and unguided opportunities are available in crystal clear waters. Spend time on a glass-bottom boat or grab the scuba gear and go deep. Visitors can enjoy several options including snorkeling, a coral safari, kayaking, fishing, and yacht sailing. National Parks and sanctuaries also offer a chance to be up close and personal with creatures from land and sea. Interesting marine life can be found along the flora and fauna of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. Lucky visitors may even have a chance to spot a white-bellied sea eagle as they venture through the two islands covered by this park. During nesting season, the Cuthbert Bay sanctuary offers a unique look at the Olive Ridley turtle that calls this bay its nesting ground. You’ll also find Leatherback and Green Sea Turtles, allowing for a unique opportunity to observe the nesting of these gorgeous creatures.

History lovers will have a chance to spend time walking in the steps of the political prisoners and freedom fighters from India’s past quest for independence. Here, the moments of history and stories of courage are within the very walls of the infamous Kala Pani or Cellular Jail. New arrivals and political prisoners were sent here for harsh treatment. Today the jail stands as a monument to the sacrifices made in the quest for India’s independence.

If you’re looking for Zen, Port Blair offers unique experiences for both yoga and spa retreats. Yoga sessions are held in the healing ocean air right on the beach. For even more relaxation, the resorts in the Andaman Islands offer unique spa experiences that can be tailored to any visitors’ need.

Finally, just near Port Blair, the islands of Chidyatapu (Bird) and Parrot Island are wonderful for bird watching. There are many endemic species on the island including the state bird, the Andaman Green Pigeon. Both islands are covered in birds, allowing for a unique experience with wildlife.

As the gate to a rich and beautiful landscape with an equally rich culture, Port Blair is an excellent way to experience India. The turquoise waters will lure visitors back again and again.

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