Saint Florent

Located in one of the most beautiful bays in the Mediterranean Sea, Saint-Florent has spent years enchanting writers and poets and enticing visitors to its amazing shores. Ancient buildings dating back to Roman times dot the shores of sandy beaches and nestle up against the rolling hills of the Patrimonio vineyards. As passengers are ferried to shore, they will be caught up in the magic that is Corsica and will be ready to explore the beauty of this seaside resort.

The best way to experience the “little Saint Tropez” of Corsica is to take a guided tour. It gives visitors a chance to see everything Saint-Florent has to offer. The tour will head along the coast from Calvi to Lozari and into the desert des Agriates. Visitors will spend time at a vineyard, on the beaches, and among the historical sites of the area. The tour will end in Saint-Florent proper where they can roam along the marina to admire the yachts or dine in one of the many excellent seaside restaurants.

For those with more of an adventurous spirit, Calvi and Saint-Florent have an amazing opportunity, with 4×4 vehicle tours taking visitors off the beaten path and into areas not reached by regular tours. The 4×4 tours have many options so whether visitors want to spend the day exploring the historical sites or the hidden terrain of the beaches, these adventure tours will hit the mark. These tours give visitors the ability to get in touch with the more authentic, rural side of Saint-Florent.

For a more relaxing day ashore, passengers should look no further than the vineyards of Saint- Florent and Patrimonio. Guided tours will take visitors to several vineyards, allowing them to try the white, rose, and Muscat wines that the region is known for while discovering the tranquil landscape of the beaches and countryside.

With a variety of ways to discover the enchantment of Saint-Florent, it’s easy to see why it’s grown into such a popular cruise destination.

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