Enchanting natural beauty and picturesque views make up the best parts of Helsingborg, Sweden. Ships will be happy to dock here thanks to the variety of berthing options that allow cruise passengers to disembark directly into the bustling and vibrant city center. While the city of Helsingborg has much to offer, the region surrounding it is also rich with opportunity, allowing for an all-encompassing experience while docked in this beautiful port.

One of the best-known attractions in Helsingborg is the Sofiero Palace, known mostly for its stunning garden filled with more than 10,000 rhododendrons. It was voted the Best Park in Europe in 2010 and today holds the same beauty that earned it this distinction. Nature is what makes Helsingborg, so we recommend heading from the Sofiero Palace Gardens to the Fredriksdal Open Air Museum for a spectacular day outdoors. This museum is famous for its botanical gardens and historical buildings. Preserved pieces of the old town and farmhouses from the 16th century round out the experience, and their continuing efforts to conserve rare plants and animals keeps it unique. End the day at the Kullaberg Nature Reserve and experience all the natural beauty Helsingborg has to offer. This reserve sits on the Kulla Peninsula and offers chances for hiking, repelling, porpoise safaris, and diving.

Art and history also come alive in Helsingborg. A cultural tour of the city should include two major sites, the Karnan Tower and the Dunker Culture Center. The Karnan Tower is the only thing that remains of the 600-year-old medieval Helsingborg Castle. It is the symbol of Helsingborg that stands watch over the city to this day. The Dunker Cultural Center is the latest piece of modern architecture in Helsingborg. It hosts modern art, history exhibitions and music events throughout the year, allowing for a unique experience each time a visitor comes by.

Helsingborg is an amazing experience and one that cruise passengers will remember visiting for years. Whether spending time in the natural wonders, delving into history and culture, or heading out into the vineyards and farms, visitors to Helsingborg will consistently be delighted by what they experience during their day in port.

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